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Hey guys, I've got a question for all of you;

Should I send my denim pants over to a seamstress to fix the waist area so it'd fit perfectly, or should I keep it like above? Almost like a paper bag, like this. Send in your opinion(s) to my Formspring, ayte! ;)

Well, I am going on a road trip tomorrow night, I'll be back home on Sunday. I'll be bringing my netbook along, as well as my revision books so I can keep track on my studies. If I don't update at all, it either means that I'm pretty darn occupied, or that there isn't any wifi available ☹.


Today we're celebrating the arrival of my new backpack.

I wanted to decorate it with more button badges but since my school rarely allow such decorative things, I had to reduce the amount of buttons to only four (plus a giant sad face tied on the side).

As you know, the rules of the school that I enrolled in, are mildly absurd; even folding a piece of paper into a smaller piece is a crime. A literal crime. I guess the paper was rather blessed by God and the teacher finds it disrespectful and offensive. It's obbbbbvvvviouuuusly a sacred piece of paper. Neva mess with believers u_u duuun eva eva, nah-ah.