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Here's a super idgaf-if-I-don't-actually-look-like-a-Dove CCG cosplay lel

Oh and here's my favorite yaoi manga

* Shorts/boxers are from TAOBAO *

I literally thought I HAVE TO HAVE THIS when I first came across these BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD boxers. That was probably 3 years ago while I was still in high school battling with major exams while in an attempt to keep my grades up lel. But don't mistook my statement as though I'm a high scholar. To be frank, I'm probably the worst kind of Asian who fails to excel in mathematics, the kind who gets suspended and unreasonably disfavoured by teachers for petty reasons (cause they're biased piece of fucks). You can definitely tell that I hated high school not just because of the students there. I wouldn't consider it hell, more like a battle I have to forcefully endure until I obediently, legally get out of it. I'm pretty sure hell is much more comfortable than reality itself.

Well okay, lets not go out of topic, shall we. I haven't been active on the cyber world lately and there's a good explanation to it. As you cannot tell, I became an official DOVE by joining the CCG and I was immediately assigned to hunt down the eyepatch ghoul due to my impeccable strenght and agility. lel Kaneki got rEkkkkkTteD. ROFL JUST KEEDS. I'm literally the lamest person alive. The truth is, I was sick for a week, came down with a terrible fever and I had to miss work for 4 days. On the bright side tho, I get to stay at home and be excused from work (meaning; not needing to face shitty ignorant customers and an incredible douchebag colleague woooh000o).

Sadly, I have to return to work, the week after. And my schedule has been so packed, I doubt I'd have the time to dye my hair. Sigh. The Lunar New Year is approaching and I have to help out around the house, so there's no time for me-time at all. I get drained-out very easily, if I don't get any rest at all, I'd turn into a very grumpy person and I'd push everyone away. That's something I have to adapt to, as in, gotta suck it in cause I'm sure there will be 0 rest in the future. Time to train myself. lel get rEkKKkttT!!1! (my fever has definitely turned me into a lame 10 year old in a 19 year old body).

If you have no idea what CCG is or why am I aiming to become a bird or a shampoo (Dove); yaw should check out the manga TOKYO GHOUL. Besides Levi from AOT, I am intensely attached to Kaneki from TG. Every song TK from 凛として時雨 has ever sung or wrote for the anime has got me right in the kokoro (god I'm so lame). Whenever I listen to White Silence or Unravel, my heart starts to twist and I just wish Kaneki didn't have to go through all that pain. Help me I'm sad and I can't turn unsad ☹

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