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It's been a while since I've been gone.

Everything was shit but all is fine now, I hope. I guess you could assume that the tough ride is temporarily on halt, and that I've taken the liberty to let myself rest from fighting off all the demons. Well, it's not like it's worth mentioning; so lets just forget about it and forget that I was ever sick.

I am a lover of everything transparent, 90's and McDonald's. Amazingly, I found this gem and bought it for RM13.70 (¥19) only! Huehuehuehue. Comparing to the prices other insta shops were putting up; it's totally worth it. I mean, they had this for RM20-RM30.. dude. Fact that the whole GST thing has affected the economy.. I managed to dig deep enough and found one that is actually really fucking cheap.

I bought this from a different link (but it's out of stock) so if you'd like to get this off a cheap deal, you can try this link. However, taobao shipping fees are really pricey, if you hadn't known already. 1KG = RM11 (flight). If you're ever thinking of buying shoes, expect the weight of your parcel to be 2KG-3KG for the very least lol (well it also depends on what kind of shoes you're buying; my cyber sneakers costs me 3KG, and so does a 100cm of fabric). So that probably explains why most of the local stores here have their taobao-supplied goodies sold at higher prices than its original price on taobao.

It's a tough time for businesses in this day and society for this country. But we gotta manage somehow.

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