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デニム // バックパック

❀  デニムのバックパック 

I got this cute denim backpack from N&A and I honestly had a thrill shopping (virtually lol) there. What's great about them is that they sell wearable clothes at affordable prices. I'd give them an A+ on customer service too. My parcel arrived a few days earlier AND the owner herself even offered me an off-paid postage on my parcel + she even gave me 3 pairs of tattoo tights as free gifts! Am I lucky or are they just fabulous!? I'd say both XD

I bought a few other things from them too; I got myself a pair of velvet leggings, a fitted American Apparel inspired crop top, a PU leather skater skirt, that awesome Satanic McDonald's + Hitler + Bob Marley printed crop top, etc zomg.

There's no reason to avoid N&A, you girlies should give the blogshop a try!

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any query(s) regarding my purchases? contact me via awep.0666@hotmail.com


Have you guys met Princess Celestia?
Cause I think we have the same hair color :3

☛ Send in your questions! ☚
any query(s) regarding my purchases? contact me via awep.0666@hotmail.com


Ayyo. Just a short update :3

Recently I've been going to PIKNIK for quite some time now.
And I find the place to be nice and utterly cozy, zomg seriously their sofas are fucking heaven!
Possibly the best place to have a chill out session with your mates too ;)
&&homaigowd, they snapped an OOTD of me *points at the first picture*

On top of that, I fucking love their SALMON WAFFLE.

☛ Send in your questions! ☚
any enquiry(s) regarding my purchases? contact me via awep.0666@hotmail.com


Olla! It's the CHINESE HUNGRY GHOST FEST! Here to wish yall a great night out!

Okay please just ignore the top sentence. I'm being sarcastically CUTESY as usual.
AHAHAHHA did I just say that I was acting cutesy? Okay I just did.
Well, actually, I'm here just to let my marvelous readers know that I AM STILL HERE,
and I am not forgetting this blog. I will come by every once in a while. I promise.
But I'll be very inactive for the coming week and the week after as I will be having my final exams.
Please do bear some understanding, I hope you guys still visit in the future ):