66sixer c0rrnholio



A classmate of mine gave me 2 sets of modern pottu(s)/ bindi(s)/ tilakam(s)/ etc etc and I am more than grateful to receive such an exquisite thing free of charge! Sure, it may not cost a lot but her generosity actually gm(a little)h in humanity again lolol.


My yin yang bag is now a multi bag!

I had to miss out school today because I've got another migraine wh33333! I woke up at 8a.m feeling a wee bit better than last night and so I decided to update this blog. I'll be off to doing some school work now.

Look at my poo hair.


Totally DIY!

Finally finished making this yin yang bag this evening, although I started last night. It kinda looked like a lantern lolol. Completely hand sewn cause I'm too poor to even own a decent sewing machine ☹ well ugh actually, I was planning to purchase one at the end of this year, so, yeah.

I'm really happy with its result, I'm gonna turn it into a backpack now!



Sorry, I know I've posted this before but I accidentally deleted it off from my DIY tag/ entire blog. I had to have it back up as I am utterly attached to it.

So here ya go; the hands of Blck Nppl Brbie that I have amputated and made into a decorative item for my sister's dull backpack (which I am borrowing every now and then).


I have a kawaii ass headband/ choker/ bracelet.

Thought I'd update today cause I've been so sick of studying. Taking a break for an hour or so, then off to study again. Yay.