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I wanted sandals.

But I don't want regular sandals.

So I got these sandals.

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I made this shirt + the headband on the very last minute lel

This is my boyfriend's favorite; my dumb candid face




I got this pair on sale for only RM42! WOAHHHHH. But it's a shame that their sizes are really small compared to the normal charts. I usually buy my shoes in size 38 and they fit beautifully. However, this one is probably a counterfeit of a counterfeit lol which is why it's unusually small, just a wild guess LOL. Hahaha I can't be sure but that's the best assumption I can give LOL.

I bought this pair in size 38 but the fit was smaller than usual; at first, I was thinking of selling it off but then the fit wasn't so bad. In the end, I decided to keep it cause omg these are too adorable and it's not as bad as you think. My toes are still laid out flat even though I feel this pair is small, I don't have to forcibly bend my toes at all. So, it's all good.

My parents decided to get me a new closet (this is a miracle!) cause the one I'm using now is 20+ years old and every part of it is falling off. Hehehe I can't wait to organize everything in place, hopefully there will be more space for me to store my stuff T^T

I spent a lot of time editing these gifs, it's insane! But woah, I'm way too in love with the outcome although it's kinda sloppy.

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00TD: リパノ


I'm simply the worst when it comes to posing for the camera. I am extremely awkward and my awkwardness gets worse when there are people watching. It puts me in a very unsettling place and I tend to become more awkward than usual with the presence of strangers.

I'm not a fan of the camera because:
1. I'm not photogenic.
2. I suck at smiling, rather, I look fat smiling.
3. I just suck, basically.
Lets not be dull and focus on this outfit! I feel absolutely free and weightless wearing this tank top + this seifuku skirt makes me feel like I'm not wearing anything. I was having a good hair day too. I should've probably styled it more but I was too lazy and didn't have the time (I don't wanna keep my boyfriend waiting lolol he was already on his way to my place while I'm still halfway doing my makeup)


"Everything Nice"

I loved watching POWERPUFF GIRLS when I was little. To be honest, back in the days, I'd spend most of my time watching TV rather than playing with the neighbors' kids. I'm always too shy to speak so I'm regularly at home watching TV or doing something else on my own. I've always enjoyed being alone. It would be a rare sight for anyone to see me outside of the house socializing with an actual human. You can say that I'm pretty much a hermit since birth, and that my introversion is not just a phase.

I never really had a personal favorite out of the three powerpuffs, but my friends at school tend to associate me with BLOSSOM (for idk what reason cause I'm literally the dumbest unlike Blossom). But if I were to choose, Buttercup would be my pick, simply because she's tough and I like characters with a tough nature. I love female characters who knows how to take care of themselves, e.g: women who doesn't need a man to reassure their safety; women who doesn't use a man's money for leisure; women who don't complain over a broken fingernail. You know.. like Alice from Resident Evil or Violet Song of Ultraviolet. Also, Letty of the Fast & Furious series. Basically, tough gals.

Yeh. I like tough girls.

I used to have a ton of PPG goodies. I had a PPG lunchbox, a PPG bag, PPG undies, PPG stationary, PPG socks, PPG EVERYTHING. My mum probably spent the most on me out of my other siblings. And they would always tell me; out of the 4 of us, my mum loves me the most. Which I beg to differ. I'm pretty sure she loves all of us equally.

I bought the picnic basket alone and attached the Blossom figurine (which I won from h8tml's giveaway!!) myself. It gives the bag so much more personality, I don't regret my decision at all~ I'm so in love with the outcome, I don't think I can get over it anytime soon ahaha lol.

And of course, lets not forget about the shoes! I got this pair on discount as well hehehehe. You can call me The Discount Hunter cause I rarely buy things on normal price these days. Since the hike of GST.. I've minimized my spending to almost zero. Everything has became so much more expensive, it's getting harder to live in this country. Even college fees are crazy expensive, we might all just eat our own selves. For the record, I've been living with only eating bread / biscuits at work for the past few weeks hah-hah-hah *cries in Chinese*

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I'm pretty much the same as majority of the female population. I love shoes and bags. At first, I wasn't aware that I have this addiction for shoes+bags in particular. Whenever I do stumble upon something nice, I would just go ahead and look through it deeper. Like, you know, look for something of the same kind with a way way lower price and such. It wasn't until I bought my 2nd pair of those cyber sneakers, which is probably 2/3 weeks after receiving my first pair that I realize "Oh fuck I have too many shoes". My shoe collection rapidly grew without me even knowing. But heck, for shoes that are originally more than RM150 to be on sale with its price lowered to RM30ish, why the fuck would I not participate!? I'm gonna have an updated shoe collection entry up some time in the near future.

Bags are another thing. I have an average sized closet and I don't even have the space to keep all my bags. First of all, I am not a spoiled kid of a rich family whatsoever, I'm sure you can tell. The things I buy are either on sale or they're just made cheap as fuck. I no longer use my parents money since the moment I stopped college, so everything I spent on; are my hard earned money from work. That's practically the only perk of enduring in a job you hate.

I shall rephrase; I love bags.

WHICH IS WHY I AM SO CRAZY OVER THIS KAWAII CLASSIC PRESCHOOLER LIPANO BACKPACK HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! Literally oh.my.god. Just look at how cute it is!! Not only is it cute, it is filled with compartments that are absolutely useful! Especially those water bottle pockets omg this bag is a dream!!! Ah, perhaps I should do a bag collection too. Hmm.

Btw, did yaw notice the new header? :3 I've moved the navigations over to the right corner of the page for an easier view as well! I still have many things I need to do which requires a shitload amount of my time. My blog has been dead for over a month and all I can say is that I'm just going through a lot of things. Battles. Struggles.

Oh well, it's not like people actually read my blog anyways.

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