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WOAH, it's been a long hiatus ☹

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting anything for almost a month. I am currently MAD OCCUPIED WITH WORK and other plans which is pissing me off cause I don't have any fucking day to chill. Imagine that! It's the fucking festive season, the fucking season I hate the utter most. And because that it is the festive season, I had to work on my off days. Totally fab.

There won't be any updates at the moment. Maybe fauust will be revived on January.

DIY SPIKED CHOKER // スパイクチョーカー

A good day for a DIY-ed spiked choker!

I made this choker over a week ago (I think) and guess what; my friend denied the fact that I made it with my bare hands ☹ sa hartbr88

It looks great, doesn't it? Tutorial is available if requested! (;

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