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I can't stand the hot weather, I tend to get migraines and so I had to stay in most of the time. Whenever I take a shower, I immediately sweat afterwards. Wearing T-shirts felt like wearing a sweater in a sauna, sleeveless tops are the most ideal and being bra-free would be awesome; but as a woman, you gotta keep your bra on. But you know how torturous it is when you had to endure both the heat and the bra collecting all your sweat at the same time. I hate bras, they are like torture devices built for women to wear so that some men don't get too horny.

It's been a while since my boyfriend and I went out on an actual date. We went out exactly 2 weeks ago, It was a Thursday and we wanted to catch THE 5TH WAVEI personally wouldn't recommend this movie, it sucks and it feels like one of those lame spawn of Disney teenage-hero movies with the most predictable plot ever.

I wore this particular outfit because, yes, the weather was killing me, I could even sweat in air-conditioned rooms. Maybe I'm the kind who sweats a lot? Idk ugh. But it's a good excuse to wear this tube top I made. And they match my shoes too! So why the heck not~ besides, it wasn't even the weekend, so there were less people around to judge me on that day. How very wonderful!


I made these Pokemon flame set a few weeks ago and I'm pretty satisfied with it. They are the easiest thing to make and probably the simplest thing I have ever made ahahha. I am intensely in love with the fabric itself and they kinda match my flamie platform shoes too. The weather is crazily hot these days, rain is very rare now and even if it does rain, there's not much of a difference.. it would still be a hot ass day.

So thanks to the weather, I have an excuse to wear this tube top without having any idiots telling me "you don't have enough cloth is it?". Besides, it's never cold here, I believe we should be more permitted to wear summer clothing that don't reveal any unnecessary cleavage (e.g: my tube top). Well, unless I'm visiting a holy place like a temple or places where most Muslims are around, we should respect them and be more clothed instead of revealing too much skin. Or we could just bring an outerwear along and cover ourselves whenever necessary. Ya know?

Personally I made these for CNY but I figured it's showing a little too much skin, so I'm definitely not wearing this set while I'm out visiting my relatives during the Lunar New Year. I have other diys in motion so, no troubles~

I did an igari makeup look too and the pictures are up on my instagram :3

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Yes, hello!
So here's the tutorial for the shoes I did on Y R U ON FIRE


I have many many ideas, and have been planning on making many things over the weeks now. I won't be buying any new clothes for this Lunar New Year, cause I'm gonna make my own clothes! WOOOHOOO~ This pair of flamie shoes are one of the ideas I had, and it's possibly one of the simplest yet easiest thing to make. So I decided to start off 2016 with this pair of hot shoes.

Initially, I love this pair the way it is. Although it is plain and dull in sight but the height of this shoe is perfect for me and I've always wanted a pair like this. The only thing I'm skeptical about is the thin end of the back of the shoe, I almost tripped too frequently when I had these on, luckily my boyfriend; my one true sanity pill; was there to be my stabilizer lmao gotta utilize the boyfriend to the fullest. Truthfully, the shoe was awfully constructed and the back should be thicker to ensure its balance.

Anyway, I wanted this pair of Y.R.U Qozmos but it's totally out of my budget. My heart broke a little inside every time I remind myself of how poor I actually am. But it was due to my unfortunate circumstances with money that blessed me with this idea. I figured, I want a plain pair of these qozmos but I also wanted the flame ones too, but I definitely would NEVER buy another pair of the same shoe I have so.. I came up with this idea of making temporary / detachable flame prints to go with the normal pair that I have.

Yes, the flames are TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the original, and I probably did the sloppiest job on these, so I'm certainly gonna make new flame strips that look better to replace the ones here. But I still did a good job, right? :') and

I made a tutorial for this: CLICK CLICK

(here's a before & after comparison if you're looking fo it)

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