66sixer c0rrnholio


I'm actually really happy about the outcome of these pictures! :3 I've been trying to edit em for weeks and it's causing me migraines ahhah. Work is now much less stressful as the company have ceased Sunday operations. Which is bad news for me, cause we'd get paid triple the amount if we were to work on Sunday, and now my manager has decided to cut off the Sunday operation cause we don't get much customers on Sundays ): and I'm so pissed off right now, the director has decided to not consider Saturday as an OT, so we don't get paid double if we were to work on a Saturday. Does anybody smell slavery here? I would've quit this job if my parents were to at least provide me a small amount of money so I'd have enough to go to college. But that plan has been long burnt.

I notice that this outfit is.. quite pink. I'm not even a fan of the color haahahha. I would consider it as "shades of purple" but seriously tho, my shoes are actually lilac and cream aahah so it's not pink at all :3

It's the month of December and I've already begun my shopping for the Lunar New Year although it's in February ahahah. I haven't gotten the chance to wear my new clothes on the last two CNY cause I got my parcels late, cause I ordered it late, cause I got my money late lolol. Since now that I have my own money, I just thought I'd start early. I'm actually sad that I'm using my hard earned money ): I wish the amount would increase just as how much the amount is decreasing lolol.

Can yaw spot them kawaii bracelets me wearing tho? Aren't they uber kawaiizzz?? rofl. I got the kawaii bear charms and the junk food charms from TOYS R US, believe it or not! Heehhehe. They were so blady cute, I couldn't resist. It was RM39.90, I don't quite remember but I paid 40 for it and got some change back, so yeah.

The fluffy shade-of-purple-not-pink-shirt was DIY-ed :3 it's a plain version of my alien sleeve fluff shirt. I really need to get myself more materials to DIY some more goodies. There's always a "but" in every plan I made, it's upsetting and I just wish I could at least fulfil 1 or 2 things, which I fail to, due to the "buts" lmao. I'm getting a new laptop, using my hard earned money again, you'll definitely see me crying soon. I haven't even gotten myself a sewing machine yet. I've made plans to get one for 3 years already omg I'm so broke and miserable, I need to die and reincarnate into a billionaire who gets paid for doing nothing.

Have yaw heard tho? COMIC FIESTA is coming soon and I actually had the opportunity to go to the event, but due to the fact that I literally have to save up and not suck my savings dry, I had to miss it this year ): I only wanted to get my LEVI-dono figmas and nendoroids and also some other merches of my uber hawt shiro KANEKI ⇦ that's already a lot of money considering the fact that the cleaning Levi figma costs RM240 (╥︣﹏᷅╥) please kill me alreadyyyy. I really need that figma to complete my small Levi shrine. Shit. I hate this lol.

On the side note, TOKYO GHOUL Season 2 will be airing in 28 days!! Ahhhhhhhhhh omggggggg I can't breath3. Ok I'll stop blabbering about these. I'm done now. Yaw can have your peace. Tata!

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