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Every single time I pick up a manga or follow an anime, I get awkwardly attached to a certain character to the extent where my boyfriend would tease me and call me an otaku (no, boyfriend, just.. NO). I am EXTREMELY attached to the Elric brothers from FMA even up until now. The shit they've gone through at such a young age is just unfair. UGH. But hey man, it's a good thing the manga ended with a happy ending.. I'm way glad they got their bodies back :3 a few months back, I started following TOKYO GHOUL and the first season of the anime was, quite frankly, a failure; not only did they skipped the major parts of the manga, they cencored way too much shit. The manga itself was so tragic.. my poor Kaneki )': whenever I listen to Unravel or White Silence.. zzz fuck.. zz it got me right in the feels. My boyfriend would make fun of me every time I express to him about how I felt Kaneki's pain to another extent aahahah. And now that Kaneki has returned as Sasaki Haise on TG: Re.. ermergerdd so much bitterness.

So, okay.. I'm sure you can spot my LEVI dakimakura at the back ahahaha. Initially, I ordered this one (the one on your left) where you can see Levi had his body covered in clothes lolol but the seller sent me the wrong one. Like.. ARGHRGRGRHRGHRG I waited almost 4 weeks for this dakimakura and you sent me the wrong covers!? Dafuq you piece of shettttttt! But heh, this one still isn't so bad, I mean.. I can't imagine if the seller sent me the provocative Eren instead omg rofl. I decided to keep this one anyways lol. My cousin got her friend to get me this, so I wouldn't want to bother em about it /:

That kawaii babydoll round bag is from a Bangkok based store called RIYA, which I was told they do not ship worldwide D: NICOLE / NCAVIEN came to me on one fine day and asked if I'd like to get anything from Riya as she would be visitting Bangkok *///u///* there's sooooo many things I want from them but I decided to only get one of the bags cause I'm broke as always ): and need I remind yaw? KIND PEOPLE STILL EXIST!!! Thanks Nicole! :D :D hehehe

Oh and liek.. please take a sec to admire my bikini TOUKA drawstring bag :3 although generally I'm more fond of shiro Kaneki.. I really like the looks of Touka on this bag hehehe.

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I probably took way too many pictures for just a pair of shoe lol but omfg would yaw just look at this gorgeous pair of perfection!? It's been a long while since I've spent over a hundred for a pair of shoes. Most of my creepers doesn't even cost more than RM80. And fact that I actually got this for RM150 (including postage) is crazy enough for me. I was reluctant at first, but then I was like "it's ok bae you can spend every once in a while just ta pamper yourself for working hard" lmao there goes muh money.

Working 9 hours a day, sitting in front of a PC the entire time is sickening, but what makes my work life less shitty is definitely the fact that I get to go on the netzz wooohoo (but of course I have to pretend to be a good employee when my superior comes by lmao). Whenever I have nothing better to do other than getting pissed off by rude ignorant customers, is going through taobao and make a list of More Things That Will Make Me Broke and slowly ticking things off one by one. Hahahah omg no actually I don't enjoy spending my money. Though, I would be absolutely happy if I have a lot of cash so I can go to design school a.s.a.p.

And of course, I got this pair of crème de la crème (did I just say that? DuuUUuuUude) from TAOBAO with the help of a friend; JEANETTE, as always! :3 I'm literally crazy over this shoe. Girlies be rollin their eyes at me when I do wear em out heheheheh luv yaw toos.

On the side note, I honestly thought they kinda reminisce the MKF shoes from the SS13 collection. Errr idkkkk. Still, I'm very very very super super superrrrr happy to have this pair. Like lol how many times have I said that already!? Visually, it's crazily appealing, though it's REALLY heavy. As for the comfort, I'd say it's.. comforting. However, I'm not really used to it yet.. so it's a little weird to walk on it ahaha hehehe hhohohoh hihihihi.

Because of it's serene beauty, and the vibrance of pastel shades, I gave this stunning lil bae the name of royalty.. P R I N C E S S.

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I ♥ バブルバックパック !

"Chill out, bae. Have some ramune."

Like.. OH MY GOFFFFD I FINALLY BOUGHT A BUBBLE BACKPACK!! After 4 long years of waiting, after so so many attempts to find a local source.. I now have an inflatable backpack omfg aaahhhhhhhhh! Although the source of this bag wasn't a local, I had a net friend, JEANETTE, who was way too kind to help me get it off of TAOBAO! Like aaaaagggghhh!!!! I honestly had shitload of struggle looking for one on taobao myself, only to end up with no luck. I don't know how Jeanette manage to find it but she's literally like.. a goddess to me omg.

I was so damn stoked to have this bag. It's so blady beautiful omfg I can't breathe!!11!1! I bet all ya girlies are super jelz mwuahahahahahahha okok. Taobao has been such a resourceful site lately, you can literally find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING there. Thank the creator for giving birth to this god-like Asian ebay!!

Mesh outerwear is from CAJOYNESS
Crop Bart sleeveless top (was originally a babydoll dress) is from CAJOYNESS
Socks are from CHEEP PERTH
Inflatable backpack is from TAOBAO

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AH~ after the many migraines, working over-time and the non-stop insomnia; I finally had the chance to make an update! It's been tough lately, the weather is constantly unstable, always causing me chronic migraines and I always end up taking too many medications which practically IS aging me (for some reason) and destroying my internal organs. I'm not saying that I am dying but perhaps.. I AM dying, well, slowly.

I have been saving up a lot lately, after realizing I've literally spent over 1K (I didn't even do any shopping, man. I only ate and refuel my damn car weekly) in just a month. Not to mention, petrol fuel has ridiculously risen up which is also the prime reason as to why I'm only having plain strawberry jam sandwiches every morning at work. Then I'd end up getting gastrics zzz can somebody just sponsor me some money so I can get myself a decent meal? This government is literally fucked up and all I can picture is that 85% of us will face hunger in the next 5 years.

That aside, I've got some happy news to share; my manager just raised my salary!! YAYYYYYYYYY~ and also, I've got some awesome goodies coming my way wowoowwhowwohwhwoh. So here's the ones I've already received over the past month

Ever since my boyfriend got me into COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE, I couldn't stop fascinating over SMGs and I'm always on the look for toy guns, airsofts even. Although having the real thing itself would be way b0mbz. I honestly am anticipating on having a huge collection of pure one of a kind toy guns in the future and I don't mean those NERF guns.. NO.

I always dream of having a room in my own house dedicated for all my toys only; much like my very own toy museum. That would be way nice T^T

Ok well I actually took a ton of selfies with this makeup and I don't want it to go to waste so ya here ya go ahahah or you could just stop scrolling if you can't handle too much kawaiiness haahahah roflwtf omg.
ahhaha oh look at my basic hairrrr

CLEAR HEART x SPIKES choker is from I ACTUALLY FORGOT (but you can also find them on taobao)

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