66sixer c0rrnholio


This is not an ad for adidas lmao

I'll have you know, I'm crazy in love with this pair of sweatpants. The OMIGHTY BABYGIRL halter that h8tml gave me matches well with the sweaties too. My mum got me the Frozen mask ahahah I don't even like Frozen but since she got it for me, might as well just use it cause it's been extremely hazy these days. My boyfriend and I decided to watch The Martian on a weekday (cause the weekends are the worst days to go out dressed like that) and I just thought "well it's Thursday so there won't be much people around to stare at me; it's c00l".

I normally don't wear fitted tops cause my boobs will 'show'. The thing is, I have always hated my breasts ever since I was a teenager. Because I thought they make me look fatter than I already was, the people at school was always calling me fat.. so, yeah. There was a time that I've considered binding my breasts to reduce its growth. But my friends kept telling me that it's bad for the body and it'll cause cancer and stuff lol so I gave up on that idea immediately. But okay, till today, I've accepted my womanly parts and learnt to live with it. So all is good.


WHAT THE FUCK it's October already!? Damn that's too soon.

But hey, look at my backpack; I made it myself hehe. My mum gave me the ghost face mask last Halloween and I had no clue what to do with it. It was until a few weeks later that I came up with this super plain idea. Yes, that's right.. I had the thought of turning it into a backpack over (almost) a year ago. I didn't have the time to diy anything because I was still packed with work and stuff.

Initially, I wasn't going for an all-black outfit but I wanted to show off my MORPH8NE night hood so, hence, this super lame goffikss look AHHAHAHA wtf. I can't quite say that this was my favorite outfit but I still feel super great in it. Cause all of my fats are covered lmao.

omfg stop saying yolo srsly stfu