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Did you know; I have a major soft spot for EVERYTHING vibrantly attractive and kawaii, in which I would consider it as a guilty pleasure of mine, since I rarely ever flaunt this form of affection ahahah. I die almost every time I see anything kawaii which sparks my attention. In Japan, there are numbers of labels and factories which has a mountaineous line of adorable shit and Q-LIA is one of it. Q-LIA is a manufacturer from Japan which produces a line of adorable stationery and fancy goods including stickers, pencil cases and many other kawaii stuff which includes this *major kawaii poop eraser* and this *uber cool oreo pencil case*!

I happened to bump into this really amazing Q-LIA STICKY PRETZEL PENPOUCH for a costly amount of RM49.90 x___x. I couldn't resist it's uniqueness and just begged my reluctant-self to purchase it immediately (cause this was the final stock)! And so I did. I REGRETZ NUTHENG!

I'll be turning this penpouch into a mini crossbody/ side bag omlomloml excitement overflowz!

Back view

Left view

Right view


AHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so mega happy!! I hope to purchase more of these but fuck lol it's wayyy too expensive. Why does everything kawaii have to be so expensive? But I am still madly overjoyed over this purchase. Not only is it appealing, but its quality is promising.

This is so going to blend well with my future outfits, I am now finally fucking excited for the future! Ahahahahah.

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It was a wonderful day yesterday, as both my boyfriend and I were out to spend time together celebrating our 6th monthsary. It has been a while since we last had sushi, so we decided to have sushi! Because we love sushi! We bumped into quite a few of my friends from high school at the cinema.. it almost felt like a high school reunion, woah. But it was a good coincidence.

And I know I am late but HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!

On the previous Chinese new year, I never got the chance to wear muh new clothes while visiting my relatives cause I got my shopping spree money the week before CNY, and you know me.. I'm extremely picky. The things I see around the mall isn't what I would much prefer so I tend to resort to purchasing my stuff online. Since every pre-order item arrive 2 weeks after the given deadline, I missed out my opportunity to wear anything new for the new year. Sad, I know. And I ended up the same way this year lol