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Hello weblings! And welcome to my first ever haul entry! Ahahahahahha. This haul was supposedly my CNY haul but, heh, I got my shopping spree allowance late, thus the delay of my cny shopping. It happens every year. I should probably save up for next year to avoid this from happening again.

Plus, one of my parcel was delayed for an entire week, so I had to wait for one more week of its' original ETA just so I can have all of my stuff put together for this entry.

There are pros and cons to buying things online, especially if you're buying stuff from a Chinese site. The pros; they have a ton of cool stuff. The con; they don't converse in English, they are always late on replies and delays are like a routine to them. But the good thing is, all of my stuff arrived safely in the end, and the items are in perfect shape.

MR GUGU & MISS GO French Fries sweater, KTZ Inspired T-shirt, and KILLSTAR Live Fast sweater; all from TAOBAO
Denim skater skirt from CAJOYNESS and Semi holographic skater skirt from TEMPTATIONS
Close-up of the semi holo skater skirt
Holographic cap from TEMPTATIONS, UNIF Inspired 666 Eye holo backpack, and holographic creepers from TAOBAO

I was so freakin stoked to have encountered that 666 Eye holographic backpack on Taobao. However, it was originally a side/ sling bag, which then I turned it into a backpack.

Although the holo effect isn't so distinct here, they're pretty darn eye-catching and holographic as fudge in real life. I'm mad happy to have all of these in my possession omfg. I literally can't get over the french fries sweater which is why now I am desperately hunting for a french fries pair of socks to go along with it!

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I finally had the chance to purchase this pair of JUJU shoes (which I have been drooling over for 2 long years) from a local webstore. I would have purchased it straight from the site if only the shipping fee didn't cost as much. I was insanely obsessed over this series of Jujus, and frankly I wasn't fond of the color pink but I thought those Jujus look great in the pale pink shade. Tho I didn't purchase mine in pink, I truly believe that they all look great in every color. I just prefer mine transparent :3

They are undoubtedly appealing but there's more than just that; you'll discover a funky smell coming right out of your parcel as soon as you opened it. That's no surprise. Just like my pair of *clear booties* they are made of 100% rubber and is totally recycleable. You know what that means.. rubber = stench. It may reek but the smell will never be strong enough to invoke unwanted attention. Besides, it fades away.. eventually.

Stench aside, the shoe is a little difficult to walk in too. Although the heel was made perfectly sturdy, the rest of the sole isn't just as strong. You'll totally feel like you're walking in bare feet.. which can either be good or bad. Also, the shoe will make an awkward squeky sound while walking on marble floors, heh. Even though with all of its cons, this Juju pair is still the best looking jelly shoes around, which, I truly love :3

I literally love all of my shoes olol. I'm very appreciative, you know.

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I get asked "what is the name of your style?" a lot and to be frank, I'm not sure if my style even have a name for it. It's hard for me to find the right definitive title for my style but a few months ago, I discovered a new Japanese fashion subgenre called aomoji-kei (青文字系 // あおもじけい).

The term "aomoji-kei" was derived from ASOBISYSTEM's representative YUSUKE NAKAGAWA which literally meant blue(ao) lettered(moji) style(kei). The style itself is all about self-expression and not giving a care about what others think. Aomoji-kei is not about staying true to one particular genre of fashion but instead, it's an emphasis of transition. To put it in simpler terms; for an aomoji-kei person, they wear whatever they feel like wearing without bearing the thought of whether if they will impress others or whether if they will receive acceptance by society or not. Aomoji-keiers tend to switch from one style to another, depending on their likings.

And here's what our aomoji-kei icon has to say about this awesome subgenre;

"AOMOJI-KEI is about wearing whatever you want to wear without caring whether or not you look attractive, cute, or sexy. Many times, people who wear aomoji-kei fashion tend to switch between different styles a lot just depending on whatever they like and what they think is fun, so that’s why it may seem like there’s no definitive look for it." - KYARY PAMYU PAMYU

KPP is like the major goddess of aomoji-kei. With her amazing stage outfits aside, she's an icon which represents the style even on her casual street outfits and often appear on aomoji-based magazines like ZIPPER, KERA, CHOKI CHOKI GIRLS, CUTiE and many others.

Besides Miss KPP, I have a strong admiration toward another of my self-presumed aomoji-keier SETO AYUMI! She first started off as a dokusha model and made headlines with her unique style on ZIPPER. She's a lover of burgers and everything 80's, which is why I adore her! She also runs a fashion brand AYMMY.

Harajuku is the land of aomoji fashion and has made its exposure throughout the world. This movement is literally the IT thing for individuals who are obsessed with self-expression and self-freedom. With that said, here's another individual which I self-proclaimed to be an aomoji-keier.

She's a gorgeous lassie from Hong Kong and she's definitely not afraid to express herself. I am crazily infatuated by her and her amazing taste. She has every clothing, every accessory and every hair color that I have ever wanted. She goes by the screen name of RUBY GLOOM.

That is all for this entry. I hope I gave out a better understanding of this new substyle, and I'm sure many of us can relate to this. If you still haven't got the right idea of aomoji-kei yet, here are a few of my handpicked examples of aomoji-kei outfits taken from TOKYOFASHION.COM

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