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Rightfully pronounced as meri-wa-na but awfully mispronounced as ma-ri-jua-na by most of us. I remember when I was young, I was watching a documentary about drugs. Then one of the experts said something like "mer-ri-wah-na" and I was completely puzzled, like I had no idea what it was. Then I saw the Malay subtitles, and it was written as "ganja", so I was literally thinking it through and thought "ganja = marijuana, so marijuana = mer-ri-wah-na!" which then I was right. Gowsh, I'm a mega genius!

Anyway, yesterday was a splendid day well spent with my boyfriend, as always :3

We headed to a rather secluded place called SMALL POTATO CAFE AND RESTAURANT which is nearby my old college in Tanjung Bungah. It's one of my favorite spots to have a small meal. I immensely love their tuna egg sandwich and that's the ONLY thing I would ever order from the place. #pescetarian #pescetarianism

Olol the hashtags. Right after our brunch, we went over to Gurney for my boyfriend's shopping spree and also to catch up on THE LEGEND OF HERCULES. We're both very into Greek myths and whatever movie that has Greek gods, myths, etc included.

And without further ado, here's a take of my 00TD;

ϟ 00TD XXII ϟ

The super rad MARIJUANA x MCDONALDS's T-shirt was a treasure of my sister's which was then pass on to me (you know, those recycling cycles we go through with our siblings lol). I honestly have no idea where she got it from, which is why it is such a jewel to me. Also, the McDonald's beret was my brother's, AND I am in no means an ambassador or promoter or spokesperson or even an ex-employee of McDonald's. I just love how much of an 80's-90's twist they give to this outfit. Lafffs it!

The yin yang backpack was DIY-ed, and so were the socks I'm wearing, if you can't tell lol. And frankly speaking, I despise that STYLENANDA oversized paperbag shorts. Yes, it's appealing at the front view, but it seriously makes your butt look extremely huge, which is rather unattractive. That explains why I'm carrying a backpack to cover it up. If you guys are thinking of purchasing that pair of shorts, be it the original or the inspired one; D O N ' T. Please use your money for something else that is much less of a pain in the ass. I mean it.

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☽ M00N ☪HILD ☾


This is going to be QUITE a lenghty post for which I will blabber about the term moonchild and facts about the moon! If you are ever so not interested, please don't ignore this; for I have planted a lifetime of dedication onto this long-awaited entry! You may ignore the texts, but do fascinate over the pictures AHHAHAHAHAH.

When you hear the word Moon Child, what was the first thing that came to your mind? Sailor Moon? Twilight? Princess Luna/ Nightmare Moon? Or this

This is fucking creepy, man. She literally kidnapped all the ponies and like, whut, vanished into the moon along with them? 

If you do google Moon Child, you will see three main things;

1. Moon Child the Japanese film starring GACKT and HYDE where Hyde's character is a vampire. Click *HERE* to watch the full movie.

2. Moonchild the novel written by occultist ALEISTER CROWLEY involving a magical war between white magicians and black magicians fighting over an unborn child. Much magical!

Damn man, shit crazy over the cover of the novel.

3. Moon Child the manga (TSUKI NO KO) which comprises of merpeople, mermen, mermaids, and such. Serious demi-mermaid thing going on *here*
P.S: this is NOT a yaoi manga *sadness overloadz*

Basically, the term Moon Child never really had its own legitimate single meaning. Thus, most of it is defined individually and subjectively. The moon itself has its own symbolism and yet again, its metaphor derives from various myths, lores, fables, and etc. We can't really tell which is which but it depends solely on whichever definition we decide to use or follow.

For instance; in certain aspects, the moon may signify cycles, balance, renewal, mystery, passivity, fertility, femininity, and the list literally goes on and on. Certain symbolisms of the moon can be found in alchemical teachings wherein the moon is a facet of silver. Silver is a symbol of clarity, purity and brilliance. Therefore, moons = clarity + purity + brilliance. And since that the moon ultimately symbolizes fertility and femininity in most folklores, that essentially makes the moon a SHE! Homaigowfff it's a girrrrrl!

Like, I can literally go on as long as I am capable of nyapping about all the possible symbolism of the moon, but I'm not willing of risking putting up such a boring article on my ever-so-interesting blog *coughs* besides, nobody really reads the contents of my blog.. so... I'm practically writing for myself and only myself *sadness overflowz*

Nevertheless, I shall resume my endless typings of the ever so symbolistic she-moon! Just kidding, this will be the last part of the whole factual segmo; as far as the moon is concerned, there is no way of escaping from the word cycles or phases. Besides our menstrual cycle, the moon has its own phases too, yes, the moon goes through period too!

*If you're a mega hipster who is not a space geek, then you should be aware of the moon phases at least*

And here we go again with the whole symbolism preaching. The following content depicts the meaning behind the moonstrual cycle! Sorry, I meant the moon phases;

Letting go, surrender, release, quiet time,
contemplation, and a time of incubation. 

New beginnings, a fresh start, rebirth.

Growth, manifestation, attainment, gravitivity
(heavy with child – both philosophical and literal). 

Height of power, the peak of clarity,
fullness and obtainment of desire.


So, yes! Since that I have already stated AS MUCH moonfacts as possible, which one sticks out to you the most? I like to think of the moon as a mysterious lady who wears this big floppy hat in the dark, standing by the alley with a cigarette, as pure as a virgin.. waiting to prey on men and kidnap them, then slice them to pieces and feed them to the existing moonchilds! Ahaahahah so much RICHARD RAMIREZ going on.. with a twist of JEFFREY DAHMER. Gawsh what if I became a serial killer? 0ml if I really do, I'm gonna use a mega classic typewriter to compose a letter to the local media and make them name me  The Moonchild  then have like super confusing encryption codes for them to unlock in order for them to find my next potential victim. Holy shit this is so ZODIAC! Guys, stay locked on the newspapers, The Moonchild will appear in newspapers near you (soon)!

To incorporate my fascination over the night and the moon onto muhh faaec, I made a look for this whole moonchild thing which I fantasize for over a gazillion times in my mind.

By the way, have you guys ever heard of the Chinese superstition about the consequences of "pointing at the moon"? *Insert creepy music* according to Chinese superstitions, if you were to point at the moon, you will a receive a cut at the back of your ears, or have your ears sliced off, or have sore ears, or receive cuts on whichever part of the ear.

Now, you must be thinking I'm bullshitting about this but damn it, you, this is real!

When I was a little kid, I used to point at the moon a lot, almost every night (for idk why). Then my mum would get really mad at me and scolded me to stop that habit of mine. I asked her "Why?" and she said "Because there is a man who lives in the moon, and this man doesn't like it when people point at his home. He will find you at night, and cut your ears!" I simply ignored my mum's absurd story. But fuck it, man.

I woke up discovering my earlobes feeling rather sore and there was a burning sensation around that area. Like, the inner lobes just detached itself and it burns when the wound touches water or when I accidentally lift up my earlobe. Jfc I don't know what to believe anymore. I received cuts on both inner earlobes. Still think I'm bullshitting? You may have a look.

P.S: The wound was applied with some kind of a paste (to treat it) in this picture.

Even though it has been more than 10 years since the incident, the wound still excrete this eeky watery substance that dries up and looked yellow-ish. Ugh, this is just.. G R O S S. I had to apply the paste to keep it from 'watering' so that the yellow stuff won't 'form'. It's been more than 10 years, and it is not healing AT ALL. This is fucking spooky. It's rather unfair at the same time, cause none of my other friends ever experienced anything similar! Dafuq.

The man in the moon is real. And he doesn't like people pointing at him. So, STOP!

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I did a photoshoot a few days ago with one of my senior from high school Nicole. It was my first ever photoshoot and you can definitely tell what a mega awkward turtle I am just by looking at the pictures. Ahahhaha. I was seriously nervous as fudge, like, I don't even know what to do omg. But Nicole did gave me a few directions just to blend in, so it helps hehe. I'm practically the worst person to ever model for ANYTHING! I swear! Ahhahahaha.

I honestly have this phobia toward big cameras or DSLRs, like, homaigowdddddddd I'm majorly petrified. Back in Form 5 I used to audition for this anchor idol thing (cause my English teacher won't stop pushing me to do it -_-) and walaoooooo weh, their cameras damn big weh, and the spotlights... kaninia. Why so bright wan. AHAHAHHAHA sorry please excuse my French! I am literally the most awkward person in front of cameras, and I get seriously paranoid when I don't get to control the angles of the camera and such. Like, I would sweat excessively, and start stuttering then I would just.. move like a total dysfunctional robot. I'm crazy awkward x_x

I brought three outfits to the shoot heheheheh. And I also brought (my skateboard) SYKES and (my cruiserboard) CRUIZ along too, as props wheee. Like, I haven't been playing with Cruiz for like, almost a year already and jfc it was literally the most awkward thing when I attempted to ride on Cruiz and then ended up tripping all over and stuff. Ugh omg die.

Anyway, it was nice doing the shoot with Nicole and I would've never thought ANYONE would ever want to have a photoshoot with me ololol. So here are the pictures!


My mega failed attempt on twirling *facepalm*

There are more pictures on Nicole's blog, so do give her a visit! :D
But I warn you tho, I looked really horrible ahahahahahahahahhahaha ahahah.

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HEYYAW! Just a short entry :3

I was clearing my closet the other day and found this really old crop top I got from Forever 21. It's either that I got smaller (AHAHAHAH MIRACLE! IT'S A MIRACLE), or the shirt just expanded twice the size as I am, cause the top was literally too huge for me to wear. Knowing that the lunar new year is coming up, and that it'll be fucking sunny (it's always sunny in Malaysia, ugh); I've decided to turn my mega oversized crop top into a halter crop top.

No tutorial on this though, cause I did it out of free hand and casual stitching; which might probably wear off after a few times of wearing this top. Like honestly, I just wanna get rid of my boobs -_- this halter top literally made them look way bigger. Fucking gross, man. I don't know how the fuck do people rock halter tops without even wearing any fucking bra.

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I've been searching high and low for beanies that doesn't cost more than RM10. Honestly, looking for cheap beanies is like waiting for a miracle to come. Ugh. It's ridiculous how majority of the beanies sold domestically costs more than RM20. Like, are you fucking kidding me?

What's worse is that, most of the statement beanies has like.. super obnoxious writings like Swag, Dope, Geek, whatever whatever whatever. Or symbols like the yin yang symbol, weed leaves and all that jazz. It has became such a trend, you can almost bump into anybody who has the same beanie as you do. So might as well make one of your own!