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I had a really hard time editing these pictures. Literally. But not because the pictures are ugly, rather, more like, I'm not feeling this outfit. Seriously. These pictures were taken in October and I've delayed on publishing this because I'M TOTALLY NOT FEELING IT. I'm not sure what's going on with me but I'm really unhappy with my hair and how shit boring this outfit turned out to be.

I thought that, maybe I could try editing them and perhaps I'll start feeling good about it lmao. But you know what, it did nothing. The dissatisfaction I have toward my outfit has brought me great dreadfulness while editing. It's either the color of the backpack being so dead dull or that I was too fucking exhausted from brightening the background using a shitty software on each and every picture. As much as I love editing, doing things without Photoshop seems painful even though I've never had the thrill of using Adobe Photoshop in my life (I'd really love to tho). I assume they have better tools to retouch many things.

On top of that, I'm getting so bored with the orange background, I wish I could find a better place to take pictures. You know, a place that isn't ORANGE? The thing is, however, this orange wall spot is practically the only suitable spot for me. Because everywhere else is filled with people and I can't act normal while people are around. I get nervous, I tense up and I become an awkward turtle that can't even hide in its' own shell. That's why I don't like it when people look when I do try to take a picture. I'm always panicking and thinking "that girl is judging me.. just look at her expression".

And it's even harder when people take group photos. I'd rather be the one behind the camera instead.

Do you feel me?


This is not an ad for adidas lmao

I'll have you know, I'm crazy in love with this pair of sweatpants. The OMIGHTY BABYGIRL halter that h8tml gave me matches well with the sweaties too. My mum got me the Frozen mask ahahah I don't even like Frozen but since she got it for me, might as well just use it cause it's been extremely hazy these days. My boyfriend and I decided to watch The Martian on a weekday (cause the weekends are the worst days to go out dressed like that) and I just thought "well it's Thursday so there won't be much people around to stare at me; it's c00l".

I normally don't wear fitted tops cause my boobs will 'show'. The thing is, I have always hated my breasts ever since I was a teenager. Because I thought they make me look fatter than I already was, the people at school was always calling me fat.. so, yeah. There was a time that I've considered binding my breasts to reduce its growth. But my friends kept telling me that it's bad for the body and it'll cause cancer and stuff lol so I gave up on that idea immediately. But okay, till today, I've accepted my womanly parts and learnt to live with it. So all is good.


WHAT THE FUCK it's October already!? Damn that's too soon.

But hey, look at my backpack; I made it myself hehe. My mum gave me the ghost face mask last Halloween and I had no clue what to do with it. It was until a few weeks later that I came up with this super plain idea. Yes, that's right.. I had the thought of turning it into a backpack over (almost) a year ago. I didn't have the time to diy anything because I was still packed with work and stuff.

Initially, I wasn't going for an all-black outfit but I wanted to show off my MORPH8NE night hood so, hence, this super lame goffikss look AHHAHAHA wtf. I can't quite say that this was my favorite outfit but I still feel super great in it. Cause all of my fats are covered lmao.

omfg stop saying yolo srsly stfu


It's been a while since I've been gone.

Everything was shit but all is fine now, I hope. I guess you could assume that the tough ride is temporarily on halt, and that I've taken the liberty to let myself rest from fighting off all the demons. Well, it's not like it's worth mentioning; so lets just forget about it and forget that I was ever sick.

I am a lover of everything transparent, 90's and McDonald's. Amazingly, I found this gem and bought it for RM13.70 (¥19) only! Huehuehuehue. Comparing to the prices other insta shops were putting up; it's totally worth it. I mean, they had this for RM20-RM30.. dude. Fact that the whole GST thing has affected the economy.. I managed to dig deep enough and found one that is actually really fucking cheap.

I bought this from a different link (but it's out of stock) so if you'd like to get this off a cheap deal, you can try this link. However, taobao shipping fees are really pricey, if you hadn't known already. 1KG = RM11 (flight). If you're ever thinking of buying shoes, expect the weight of your parcel to be 2KG-3KG for the very least lol (well it also depends on what kind of shoes you're buying; my cyber sneakers costs me 3KG, and so does a 100cm of fabric). So that probably explains why most of the local stores here have their taobao-supplied goodies sold at higher prices than its original price on taobao.

It's a tough time for businesses in this day and society for this country. But we gotta manage somehow.

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Lets pretend to be happy. Lets pretend everything is okay.
Lets pretend your life is great. Lets pretend you have friends who care.
Lets pretend you have parents who bothered.
Lets pretend

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I know you may probably think I'm obsessed over McDonald's but the truth is; I fancy their characters more than their food. Especially its' 90's feel. Honestly though, their toys back in the 90's were definitely their best ever. Things got progressively unimpressive as the years past and I wish I had more power to buy all their toys back in the years. I was born in 1995 so you can conclude that I rarely knew anything in the remaining 5 years I have left to spend in the nineties. Things were still okay in the 00's but now it's just.. bleh. All they have were Minion toys and Hello Kitty themed toys. *yawns*

I'm a sucker for anything that exudes the 80's and 90's feels.

Of course, when I saw this backpack.. It was love at first sight. That pedophilia-like expression on Ronald McDonald's face got me sold right off the bat lmao. And the shirt is perfecttttttt for this bag, it only costs RM6.70! (I'm a discount hunting veteran fyi). If you're wondering how much the bag is; it's RM30.20.

Best of all, both of these goodies are of A+ quality!

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I wanted sandals.

But I don't want regular sandals.

So I got these sandals.

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