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He's always on his phone and I'm always yelling at him "ORDER YOUR DAMN SUSHI ALREADY"

Took a day off from work cause both boyfriend and I wanted to go on a decent date; having sushi and watching our desired film. My boyfriend is a mega film enthusiast and he doesn't mind wasting money on movie tickets at all. Practically, we have this "Movies to Watch" list where we list down a ton of movies which we would love to watch together in duh future. He's into all kinds of movies of various genres while I'm casually stuck with epic/ thriller/ horror/ crime films that are in English. Personally, Chinese films are my least favorite, but my boyfriend's really into em.

On this very day, we decided to catch up with DELIVER US FROM EVIL. The film was alright. I got the chance to use my ouija clutch and, finally.. I got to wear my diy alien fluff shirt out! AHHHHH. I'm in love with the outfit but I hated my hair uh it looks so terribly dead. The shirt I made was so comfortable too, even my boyfriend enjoyed its' fluffiness ahahah. Though the skirt was terribly awkward, the material is really hard and it doesn't flexes like any fabric. It felt more like wearing paper, honestly. But it's still visually appealing.


Hello all! So guess what I've made!?

YES IT'S A MIRACLE! I made a shirt without using the sewing machine *happy melodramatic cryyyyys* it took me about 6 hours to finish it as it was completely handsewn and I'm terrible at making patterns from scratch. No hemming was done cause there's literally no need for that ahahaha. The furry material itself is from a local site called FABRIC FANATICS and they bring in quite a range of various fabrics. They also sell parts like zippers, laces, buttons, etc which is great!

Honestly, the fabric is A++++ although it wasn't even meant to be used to make a shirt aahahha. I'm really thrilled with the outcome of this piece. I never thought it'd turn out good hehehhe. This is practically my first time making a shirt, and I'm really proud of myself, for once. Ahhahha.

I'm thinking of making a bag out of the leftover fabric but I doubt I'll have enough to make one. I'm really in love with this fabric, I might just get another one.

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