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This pair of spiked (not exactly) creepers was a gift! Yes yes, hoho yet again I received another item FREE OF CHARGE omfg luckiest child alive (╥ω╥) I'm really pleased with the sharpness of the spikes.

Fab defense weapon!


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My sister got me TWILIGHT SPARKLE'S TWINKLING BALLOON two weeks ago and 0mg0omgogmo00gmgodooasoogjm I my sister! (──)

I was surprised to have her suddenly contact me, sending over a ton of pictures of MLPs and asking which one do I prefer. When I asked her why, she answered me "as a motivation to study hard," okay omg I am officially one of the luckiest, (loneliest) youngest child lol.

But the odd thing here is that, Spike is standing on 4 feet. If you do happen to watch the show, Spike usually walks around with 2 feet lolol despite that I still absolutely love this gift!

AND IT'S A GREAT NIGHT LAMP TOO hO0O0OoooooOooO0m444111g0d

So yes, another pony added to my incomplete MLP mini collection! wh333. And as you can see (on the picture below) I've placed my old toys and stuff on top of the ugh.. box (‐^▽^‐)my eldest brother laughed at me when he first saw it and jokingly said "omg how old are you" (╯.╰) BUT at least I'm happy LOL.


(no not really, my final paper is due next Thursday)

These shoes were a little taller than I've expected, honestly I do not favor shoes that are like, high on one side and low on the other. Preferably, I like shoes with thick soles, like, creepers or flarforms. Not those imbalanced, torturous feminine shoe. However, I like how the soles have those teeth-like look to it lol. They look like combat boots *thumbs up*

The rings above are all DIY-ed. And the jelly bracelets were purchased online, I forgot when but I just happen to found them a few weeks ago lol.

BTW; who else is going cuckoo over GRIMES' GENESIS VIDEO!?
0mfg I love those buffalos the girl with the pink hair was wearing, especially her lipstick.