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How are you guys doing? It's already my 4th week in the 2nd semester of college, and must I say, I am mad occupied with classes and assignments and all that jazz. I wasn't really happy with the subjects this semester cause I had to study FUNDAMENTAL OF ACCOUNTING.. I fucking hate Accounting. Like, seriously, whatever that has something to do with Maths.. I'll just hate it, for no god damn reason. Okay, maybe for this one simple reason; because counting is annoying (to me, that is).

Trust me, I suck at these kind of subjects. BUT, I love MACROECONOMICS... no fucking idea why. What's more ridiculous is that.. we had to take up the subject DRAMA. Seriously, D R A M A. Like, what the fuck does it even have to do with the course I'm taking? Jesus fucking Christ, this is a total waste of my time zz. I did not paid the school fee to learn how to write a script, how to act and all that shit. What the fuck.

So, it's October.. which means.. 

And in 'conjunction' to Halloween, I came up with this casual, all-black look. Btw, my hair has gone completely blonde but only with a little hint of green on the ends of my hair.

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