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HEHHEEHHHE!! Sup guys! I finally dyed my hair!!!!1! After a year of not doing anything to it, I've decided I'm gonna do something to my hair this time. Frankly, I hated my raw bleached hair. Seeing it without any color (besides blonde) I feel so euck. And I get very disturbed whenever people think that I intentionally did a blonde ombre on my black hair, which wasn't the case at all m8. My last color was a full ash blonde (from the top) with green + purple + blue ombre. That didn't turn out quite well and the purple faded off far too quickly. When all of the color came off, my black roots grew as well. Which is how I ended up with so much black hair and bleached bottom.

This time I decided that I'd dye my hair myself since I've gone from sensitive to extra I-can't-handle-it whenever a stranger touches me or my hair. I honestly have no idea which hair dye brand would be best but I decided to go for MANIC PANIC as I know they manufacture full-on vegan dyes PLUS the variety of colors they have are FANTASTIC. I'm definitely buying more dyes from them in the future.

I got the Manic Panic ATOMIC TURQUOISE and COTTON CANDY PINK as I'm going for a mix of lilac + blue + green + pink. The results were definitely out of my expectation. The turquoise works fabulously however it's hard to get the pink to look as bright as the turquoise. I only used half of the Atomic Turquoise dye but had to use up the pink dye cause I had to touch it up twice in order to gain the pink + lilac I want. Mixing the turquoise and the pink gave me a splendid shade of lilac. Despite the fact that I only used half of the turquoise but all of the pink dye, my hair turned out to have more turquoise than pink. Sigh. But overall, I'm actually quite proud of the outcome and I'm looking forward to dyeing my hair again once all the color has faded off :3 and hopefully, it'll turn out better!

So, yeah.. scroll down for a close-up look of my hair. And do not remind me that "omg your hair is so damaged," m8.. it's my hair.. I already know.

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