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The only reason why this outfit is titled "Recycle" is because, I've worn everything here in my past ootd's before (1, 2, 3), the only thing that is new here is of course the fabulous precure snacks. I was out on a date with one of my closest friends and I never actually planned on taking OOTD shots cause well.. the outfit seemed the same as Babygirl. But then we decided to visit a place called ECO WORLD, there was this really small glass-house cafe which was located at the lawn area of the place it's called The Lawn Cafe. We didn't go in to the cafe cause they only serve coffee (I don't take coffee as it gives me migraines) + my friend said it's pricey af so instead, we hung around the lawn area for a while and unintentionally took ootd pics HAHAHA. The place is very beautiful and green, I kinda feel like living there lol. We were there around late evening but the place was already very occupied, so we picked a spot where there wasn't much people.

Before we got to Eco World, we went to the mall for some lunch and while we were window shopping there, I happened to stumble upon this really really fucking cute Princess Precure goodie bag. It was the last and final stock with 50% off. Seriously, this bag was the first and only thing I see, the only thing that had me lingering at the shop more than I should >< I walked around the place checking out its other stuff and /omfg lord pls hav merSea// they have youkai watch goodies OMG!!!!! I was reluctant on buying the precure goodie bag but welp.. I couldn't resist kawaii shit so I bought it *guilty as charged* there's still SO many things I wish I could've bought but.. $$

So okay, my friend is actually really good at taking pictures of me, and I didn't want them to go to waste, so Imma just edit em and have them here ~forever~

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Hi yes o.m.g I made this PRINCESS PRECURE two piece last month (I feel so very proud of myself I might crai), I wore it during the Lunar Near Year~ as per usual, I made something to go along with the crazy hot weather here. I first stumbled upon this gorgeous precure fabric around last year, and bought it immediately because it's a limited piece; I was reluctant to let it go because it was just.. too beautiful to ignore. I was hoping they will still have some more left but //cries/ the link don't work anymore. AHAHAHHAHAHA how am I gonna get over this!? (I still really really want it)

So OK.. lets talk about the set! I actually made a tube top first then I went on and sew the outer frilly piece, it's detachable, so basically I can wear it as just a tube top and exclude the outer piece. It works either way hehe. I was worried about not having enough fabric (even though I bought 200cm of it) when I moved on to making the skirt. So instead of a full circle skirt, I made a half skirt to minimize the wastage of this gorgeous fabric. Thanks to that, I've got enough material to make a bandana to go with the set :3

I wore this set out while I was out on a date with my boyfriend too huhuhuhuhu and for the first time ever... I CURLED MY HAIR ahahahhaha. Omg. I recently bought a 2in1 curling+straightening iron and wow omfg it does wonders!! Just look at those princess curls~~

P.S: If you do happen to notice a weird angle on some of the pics; 
that's because I mirrored another layer of it
and put it side by side then cropped it based on my desired size.