66sixer c0rrnholio


I had a really hard time editing these pictures. Literally. But not because the pictures are ugly, rather, more like, I'm not feeling this outfit. Seriously. These pictures were taken in October and I've delayed on publishing this because I'M TOTALLY NOT FEELING IT. I'm not sure what's going on with me but I'm really unhappy with my hair and how shit boring this outfit turned out to be.

I thought that, maybe I could try editing them and perhaps I'll start feeling good about it lmao. But you know what, it did nothing. The dissatisfaction I have toward my outfit has brought me great dreadfulness while editing. It's either the color of the backpack being so dead dull or that I was too fucking exhausted from brightening the background using a shitty software on each and every picture. As much as I love editing, doing things without Photoshop seems painful even though I've never had the thrill of using Adobe Photoshop in my life (I'd really love to tho). I assume they have better tools to retouch many things.

On top of that, I'm getting so bored with the orange background, I wish I could find a better place to take pictures. You know, a place that isn't ORANGE? The thing is, however, this orange wall spot is practically the only suitable spot for me. Because everywhere else is filled with people and I can't act normal while people are around. I get nervous, I tense up and I become an awkward turtle that can't even hide in its' own shell. That's why I don't like it when people look when I do try to take a picture. I'm always panicking and thinking "that girl is judging me.. just look at her expression".

And it's even harder when people take group photos. I'd rather be the one behind the camera instead.

Do you feel me?