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Hey there! I am excited to announce that I am biding farewell to 66SIXER! Ahahhaha did I scare you guys? What I meant to say is; I am leaving behind the name 66SIXER and will be continuing this blog under sadnori. I have been contemplating on changing this blog name for a while now and I finally came up with something that I am really happy with! To be clear, this doesn't mean my style or this blog is changing, it is only on its road to improvement. For a long time, I have felt disconnected from the name 66sixer.. and now, I am ready to move on to a fresh name.

By now you're probably thinking why sadnori?
The word nori (海苔) is the Japanese name for edible seaweed. I came up with SADNORI because I love to eat nori, I especially love the sound of the word nori. So yes, please call me NORI ノリ from now onward. Why did I opt for sadnori in the end? Frankly, I am rather reluctant to explain this in detail, but then I remember nobody really read the texts on my entries, so I will just leave everything here for the sake of relieving my thoughts;

The reason to that is because;
1. I went through a lot of stuff over the past few years; both good and bad things. That's life, after all. I fell deep into that dark pit I dug myself that I can't go on a week without medications. My mental state declined along with my physical health. I am completely withdrawn from the outside world that even stepping foot out of my house is petrifying. I have stopped seeing my doctor, perhaps, it is from there, that things went really bad. I completely lost the drive to live, I'm not suicidal.. I just want to disappear, yet I don't want the people I care about to be affected by my 'death'. You can say I have both the wish to live but the desire to cease. It's difficult for me to make sense out of any of this, I wouldn't be surprised if you can't either.

2. I decided to blend the word nori with sad because; during my free time, I like to study about symbolism and such. It's something similar to my interests in Greek mythology and the Warcraft lore. According to dream dictionaries, seaweed is associated with support, strength and protection. Generally, it means it provides the dreamer help and protection from bad influences. I want to protect myself from my constant destruction that led me to succumb to terrible decisions. I need the strength to fight these demons in my head, a war that I only fight alone. I seek peace of mind.. and I am still living.. I hope that all these will soon end.

3. And so, SADNORI represents my mentality that shaped me into the person I am today, and the desire that I have along the way.

If you read everything all the way through here, I thank you for that ♥


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