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Welcome to PART II of how I edit my insta pics. As mentioned on Part I, this entry will be focused on Photoscape, the easiest picture editing software in my opinion. This software mainly consists of basic tools like flip, mirror, rotate, resize, color adjustment etc. It doesn't have those 'complex' tools like paint.NET does, however.

What I love about this software is that, it has the "animated gif" section, that's where I make my gifs! But we are not covering gifs in this tutorial, not today at least. If yaw want a gif tutorial, let me know! So without further ado, lets get started!

Today's lesson (lmao lessons) will be divided in 2 methods, but to garner the same outcome. This tutorial will teach you how I place every other objects onto my main pictures. It's much easier, for me, to do it in this software because the resizing method is fixed (so you won't accidentally outstretch/squeeze your objects) and simple.

(this was also covered in Part I while using paint.NET but this method here is far more easier)

We will start this with an already made picture (got your bg + your fab transparent self done) and all we are gonna do now is just add some fancy decorative objects to make the pic pop.

So first, open up your Photoscape EDITOR and go on to the 'object' bar then click the photo icon

Pick whichever object you want. You can find them through a simple google search like here and here. Make sure they are transparent png files. If they are not transparent, you can easily remove the unwanted background using paint.NET (use the magic wand).

As simple as it is, you can resize the obj by holding onto the corner dots and then drag inward (to make it smaller) or outward (to enlarge). It is best to leave the middle dots alone because they are mostly used to squeeze, stretch your obj.

That's it for method 1! Easy, huh!?

This time, we will be starting from a clean bg, where you will only add the transparent you later. I prefer this method because you can adjust everything without having that one thing blocking your way whenever you decide to change a certain obj's position.

Steps are similar. Go to "object" bar → Click on the photo icon → Select "Photo..." → Choose the transparent you that you want to include.

I kinda messed up on this screenshot, please ignore the pink text, that small photo setting box will appear as soon as you select your object. Regarding the placement, if the bottom of my obj is a raw edge, I will place it under the "BOTTOM" placement. That will place my object at the mid bottom edge of the bg perfectly.

Just like the instructions in method 1, you can adjust the size of your obj using those corner dots. But make sure not to enlarge your obj too much if the original size is really small, the more you enlarge, the more the quality 'depletes'.

You are not limited to only inserting one obj, you can add more by repeating the steps (Go to 'object' bar → Click on the photo icon → Select "Photo..." → Choose the obj that you want to include). Once done, your obj will appear on top of the first object you added, so here's what you can do;

And there you have it! When you are happy with your work, click on the "Photo + Objects" button, then only click save at the bottom right. You can save this in either jpg or png, whichever.. it doesn't harm the picture whatsoever.

I messed up on a few parts here but I made it comprehensible as much as I can. That is it for the tutorial. It is now complete! Woohooooo~ I hope you guys enjoyed this and I look forward to some of your feedbacks (if there is any).


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  1. Hiii Angelineeee! Thank you for making a tutorial on how you edit your pictures! Please do make a gif tutorial as well. love you!


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